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      2. HY-40F1 Man Portable Drill Rig

        Specifications are subject to change without notice.

        HY-40F1 man portable full hydraulic drill rig is our new generation of man portable drill product.

        The Main principle of developing HY-40F1 man portable drill is to mostly reduce the weight of the portable drill to make the drilling job easier for mobilization.

        HY-40F1 is suitable for the drilling in the area that vehicle/big equipment can not access. It is full hydraulic system with modules which could be connected by quick coupling. It is most suitable for the drilling in mountain, marsh, forest, jungle etc. with drilling depth about 30 meters.

        Main Features: 

        1. Using light material and updated design of structure to reduce the total weight

        2. Using updated hydraulic system to make the engine coupling easier and reliable.

        3. Decrease the quantity of modules from 6 to 5 to reduce the total weight.

        4. All quick coupling or connections! Top driving full hydraulic!

        5. Power: 25hp gasoline engine or 19 hp diesel engine


        Main Specifications

        Max. Drilling depth


        Drilling method

        AirPercussion, Auger,  Mud drillingif using portable mud pump

        Rotation torque/speed

        0-1100N.m / 0-150r/min

        Total weight of main rig (Without air compressor or mud pump)

        300 kg

        Weight of biggest module

        74 kg